Boundary Educational Services International (B.E.S.I.), is an American educational services conglomerate headquartered in Sheridan, Wyoming. Our focus is on all of the services required for institutions of higher education, as well as scholastic administration in the Spanish language for accredited Colleges and Universities in Latin America, North America and Spain.

The services provided by B.E.S.I and its subsidiaries make it a premiere single source solution for todays most demanding educational institutions. The fiercely competitive environment of the modern global market place demands optimum results for students in the professional fields into which they graduate. Achieving superior real world results from new or modernized educational programs involves compliance with stringent government regulations in the developing world, all of which necessitates the specialized knowledge and care that B.E.S.I is proud to provide. 

Our services include everything from attaining accreditation, custom curricula for graduate and post graduate study programs, campus design and scheduling, to the implementation of didactic material, faculty and administrative training and training manuals, as well as internal protocols, communication and networking solutions. All designed to comply with the strict government regulations of the Spanish speaking world.